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WhatsApp Is Now To Show Company Corperate Advertisements

WhatsApp Is Now To Show Company Corperate  Advertisements

For some time now there has been speculation about the arrival of advertising on WhatsApp. Although the policy of the instant messaging app has always been the non-inclusion of ads, after cancelling the payment of the annual fee, the theory that advertising could reach the platform began to sound with the force since this movement supposed the loss of the application’s sole source of income.
Now, it seems that it will materialize some advertising formula related to Facebook and WhatsApp Business, although for now its format and characteristics are unknown. This is clear from a report published by WABetaInfo, the portal specialized in the analysis of the beta versions of WhatsApp to reveal new features and features of the instant messaging app.
According to its publication, WhatsApp has updated the terms of service in the beta version of the Android application to add closer relations with Facebook and add new details related to advertising.
Below you can see a fragment of the new text of the terms and conditions of the service that explains how the announcements in WhatsApp will be articulated:-
“WhatsApp is working to find useful ways for our users to connect with companies on WhatsApp to receive information about orders, transactions and appointments, notifications of delivery and shipment, the update of products and services, marketing messages, listings of commercial directories to discover business on WhatsApp and other sponsored content/announcements of these companies”.
“During the next year, we will work with Facebook companies to do so. For example, you may see options on Facebook to start a conversation with a company on WhatsApp. If you use the Facebook Company Products, we will ask Facebook to use the information it has about you and your interests to help us provide you with a way to connect with companies in a relevant and personalized way through informative marketing messages, listings of business directories and other content/sponsored ads on WhatsApp.”
Now, does this mean that WhatsApp is getting ready to bombard us with ads? At the moment, what can be read in the terms and conditions filtered by WABetaInfo only indicates that companies can send us advertising, but the format or specific characteristics are not defined at any point.
However, it seems unlikely that they will begin to show ads in the application, but everything seems aimed at offering additional functions to the companies of WhatsApp Business to monetize the platform. At the moment there is no official confirmation from the company, so we will have to wait to learn more.
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