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Ways How Google, Apple And Microsoft Make Money

We all know that these companies make lots of money. However, have you ever wondered how they make such much of money? Well, these companies make billions of dollars through different digital products and services. Here we are going to describe how does Apple, Google and Microsoft make billions of dollars. This list is based on a recently shared report by Visual Capitalists Website.


 Well, everyone loves iPhones. However, they are expensive. According to the reports from Visual Capitalist, iPhone contributes almost 63% to Apple’s revenue. iPad and iMac bring 10% and 11% respectively. 

Apple even provides accessories which bring 5% of revenue. Services like Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud generate 11% of the total revenue.


Well, right now I am using Windows 7 to write this article. Everyone loves Microsoft products, Microsoft generates 28% of revenue from Microsoft Office. Windows Server and Windows Azure brings in 22% of revenue. Xbox division brings in 11% of revenue. 

Whereas, Windows Operating system, Bing, and other advertising and bring in 9%, 7% and 5% of revenue.
The remaining 18% of revenue is been classified as “Others by Visual Capitalist


According to the reports from Visual Capitalists, Google makes lots of money from Advertising platform. Google AdWords and YouTube brings in 88% of its revenue. Pixel Products and Google Play Services brings in 11% of the revenue share. Other products like Google Fiber, Nest, Verily generate the remaining 1% of the total revenue.

These are how tech giant Apple, Google, and Microsoft make money from its digital products and services. So, what do you think about this?

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