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Your Phone’s Pattern & PIN Lock Can Be Hacked In Less Than 15 Seconds!!!

Your Phone’s Pattern & PIN Lock Can Be Hacked In Less Than 15 Seconds

Well, hacking is playing the lead role in the technology section. It doesn’t matter what security measures you applied on your computer or smartphone it can be hacked. Recently, we have seen researchers found a method to crack Android pattern lock in just 5 seconds.

Well, Pattern lock which is one of the security measures that validates access on Android devices and smartphones running on other OS too. Well, it can protect many users. However, researchers just found a way to hack your Pattern or Pin lock within 15 seconds.

As we all know, that whenever we type something on our smartphone, the heat traces are left on the screen. Even after the device was left untouched for 30 seconds, the heat traces resides.

So, hackers just need a thermal-imaging camera to recognize the heat marks left on your smartphone screen after typing the pin or pattern. The thermal-imaging camera can reveal everything regarding which part of the screen were tapped.

Researchers from the University of Stuttgart and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in Germany will show how PINs or Patterns can be hacked from heat signatures at an upcoming conference on human-computer interaction which is about to held in the US on May 2017.

Researchers said “PINs and patterns remain among the most widely used knowledge-based authentication schemes. As thermal cameras become ubiquitous and affordable, we foresee a new form of threat to user privacy on mobile devices.”

Researchers claimed that if the thermal image is taken within 15 seconds of PIN or pattern being entered, It is approximately 90% accurate of that time. After 30 seconds, the accuracy goes down to 80%. That means if a hacker has the thermal-imaging camera then your pattern or PIN lock can be cracked in less than 15 seconds.

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