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The Hidden Internet (Deep/Dark Web) Very Dangerous !!!!!

Everything you need to know about the Dark Web. Before starting, i'm letting you know that i'm not making a video on how to go into the Dark Web, because i would put every one of you, that tries it, into real trouble with the FBI.

Okay so, The Dark Web refers to internet content that, for various reasons, can’t be indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. This content includes blocked websites, private websites, dynamic web pages and even databases containing user information from surface websites. The Dark Web provides almost complete anonymity and thus it is used in various ways from journalism to cyber crime.

The US military created it - Communication using the Dark Web and the ability to hide information on it, as usual, started as a project by the US military to create a means of secure and undetected communication with their soldiers abroad, thus onion routing was born. The Dark webs huge and accessed in a variety of ways - Its Currency is Code - The Dark Web contains a large number of markets and services which you need to pay a great deal for

However, money from websites like PayPal is not accepted because it is not anonymous and secure enough. This is where crypto currency comes into play. It’s full of criminals - With the dark webs provided anonymity it is no wonder that cyber-criminals are so attracted to it. it’s a Revolutionary communication tool - Since it’s very hard to find the physical location of someone communicating through the dark web, it has been used as a tool by various whistle blowers and journalists in countries with heavy censorship.  

Governments use the dark web - With such potential for covert communication and information sharing it’s no wonder that the government is also using the dark web for their own needs. its home to many extremely disturbing websites - a large number of dark web websites cannot be seen by the public, or have not even been discovered yet, a lot of them can be quite disturbing. Malware can easily be obtained on the dark web - The nature of browsers needed to access the dark web is such that it allows malware to go from victim to victim undetected. Good people use the dark web too - Even though the dark web is used for its anonymity in order to conceal criminal acts, it can be also used to help the good guys fight their war. 

Things you can find or do in the Dark Web:
  1. Anonymous sellers advertise their goods on topic-specific forums. Like copied credit cards on a credit card fraud board, stolen paypal accounts, ect.
  2. People can purchase fake identification too. An American passports would set you back 700 Euros, or 973.91 USD.
  3. You can also purchase organic weed from the Netherlands.
  4. Weapons can be purchased online as well.
  5. Even child spirits from abortions and miscarriages.
In the dark web you can find websites that do live streaming:
- Burning people, killing childs, torturing womans, torturing animals, you can even find videos of womans being literally barbecued...
- You can purchase How-To manuals, about every disturbing thing that you can get in mind, like terrorism, satanic rites, tortures, how to be a pedofile and many other disgusting infos.
- There are sites where you can hire serial killers, hitmans, that can even shoot on your prime minister.
- Once you get too far into the Dark Web, the people who own these demonic sites, know who you are, and where you are.
- You will be monitored, maybe one day you wont even know what happened to you, this is not a joke.
My advice: Stay off the Dark Web folks, because none of all this madness will stop, until people stop going there.
These people are EVILS. They do everything for money, they commit a crime they did to another with a smile on their face.
Thats the motivation of evil. So, before destroying your life, stay AWAY FROM THE DARK WEB.!!!

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