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How To Recover Deleted Notifications On Your Android Device

As we all know, Android’s notification shutter is awesome, as it gives a simple overview of everything arrived just now on your Smartphone. So today we are going to share the best method to get back your accidentally swiped notifications from your Android smartphone. Read the article below to know more about it.

How to Recover Deleted Notifications on your Android Phone

The method is very simple and straight and it doesn’t require any tool or app, you just need simple settings shortcut that you will fix in your home screen which in turn will display all the previous notifications of the day. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

Step 1. First of all, long-press on a home screen of your Android device.

Step 2. Now select widget option there and then swipe to left until you find “Settings” widgets. Tap on it and drop it on your home screen.

Step 3. Now option will appear to set the shortcut of any of settings, scroll down and select “notification log” there.

Step 4. Now the notification log will get set there on your home screen.

Step 5. Now you can see all the notifications that you had already cleared.

Notification log is not available on every Android version it is only available on Android 4.3 Jellybean or above. So, some of the users might not find Notification log in settings.

So above is all about How to Recover Deleted Notifications on your Android PhoneBy this method, you can now recheck any important notification that you have already cleared in your Android device. Hope you liked the article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if you need help at any step.

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