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Top 5 Deadly Cracking Techniques Used By Hackers & Crackers

1 Brute Force Attack

The main motto of Brute force attack is to crack passwords, It will try its level best and try every possible combination until the password is found, But nowadays people are smarter, so the growing size of passwords is making Brute Force attack difficult to crack any password. It is much similar to Dictionary attack it is something like the upgraded version of Dictionary attack.

2 Dictionary Attack

Dictionary attack is a technique used by most of the regular hackers to determine the passphrase by trying their luck many times. Unlike its name, it works like a dictionary it is just a simple file which contains some unusual words that many people use as their password it is one of the easy ways to hack into anyone’s account. But putting up a tough password can beat this attack.

3 Trojans, Viruses, And Other Malware

These programs are usually developed by hackers for the sole purpose of generating the target destruction. Viruses and worms are usually added to a user’s system so that they can make the full use of a machine or a network as a whole, and are usually spread by email or either it is hidden in any applications.

4 Port Scan Attack

This is a technique often used to find weaknesses on a given server. It is normally used by those who are responsible for security to find vulnerabilities in the system. Port Scan Attack is used to send a message to a port and wait for a response and the received data from the open port is an invitation for hackers to hack into your server.

5 Off-line Cracking

Mostly password hacking takes place offline usually data is obtained from a compromised system. A hacker can test the validity of password attempts. Offline password attacks include dictionary attacks and rainbow table attacks.
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