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How to withdraw MTN Uganda mobile money from an ATM

 In what’s called Cash out, MTN Uganda has partnered with a number of banks to allow you withdraw your mobile money from an ATM machine. No need of an ATM bank card. Supported banks include Centenary bank, Crane bank and several Inter-switch supported ATM machines.
Taking the case of Centenary bank ATM, here’s how to withdraw your mobile money.
  • Press any key and select MTN Mobile money.
  • Enter your mobile phone number registered to MTN Mobile money.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Enter your mobile money PIN code and select Ok.
  • Withdraw your cash.
A word of caution for the uninitiated; Never, ever share your mobile money PIN with a stranger. Make sure no one is eavesdropping while you operate the ATM machine. Keep track of transaction details such as reference code, date, amount, account number, ATM location and any vital information that might help you in the case of filing a complain.
If you have used MTN Cash out or have security tips of your own, please share with us in the comments below.Thanks so much

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